About Me

KidsI am a new teacher! I have worked one year so far as a Prekindergarten teacher and I absolutely love it. I am a supporter of play-based learning for early childhood education. As for my personal life…I have been married for two years and I am expecting my first baby this summer. I love kids so much that I decided to have my own. After working with prekindergarten I feel it is time for me to try teaching another grade. Now I am interested in teaching 3rd grade! I student taught 3rd grade and I loved getting to work with that age group. I have an understanding of how difficult it is to get well adjusted in 3rd grade due to the stresses of STAAR. My favorite subject to teach is science! I love designing lessons that involve learning through discovery. Learning can be fun and that is my goal for my students. I plan on using this blog to stay connected with the parents of my students and to offer extra educational resources that can be used in the home.

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